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Dear all In order to start a new project i will be part of, I would like to ask your participation. Indeed we need to collect sounds from restricted cities during containment. So if you would like to participate the process is simple and just requires a phone. Drop the phone recording with your magnetophone app on the balcony, in the park, in front of the supermarket or anywhere else and record from 1 to 5 minutes. Cheap phone sound quality is not an issue. Anyway if you got ext mic you can also use it. Please join to your recordings a picture of the recording location, plus infos : place, date, time and weather condition as well as your name. Final work will be the edition of a catalog and a composition using all these soundscape sources. All participants will obviously be credited.

More infos and files sending @ :

For bigger files please use wetransfer, Drive or any bigger file transfer process


 Thx and hope everything is fine for you all